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We focus on Chemical Engineering

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We enable Capital Gain

“A capital gain is a profit that results from a disposition of a capital asset, such as stock, bond or real estate, where the amount realised on the disposition exceeds the purchase price. The gain is the difference between a higher selling price and a lower purchase price.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Our business model is to take a share your company and to sell this share at a higher price many years later. During these years, our goal is to increase the value of your company. Therefore, you – in your role as a shareholder of your company – and us have a common goal and our interests are aligned. This is central to our approach.

We offer Consulting

Consulting is providing opinion, advice, counsel and to deliberate together.” (Source: Wikipedia)

As a chemical engineer or as a software engineer, you are the expert in your field. Your vision, your strategy and your tactics will benefit from a challenge. We are the sparring partner for your ideas and we will have an opinion which is based on facts. In this, we are true consultants and give you more guidance than a coach and at the same time we will never take action on your behalf as a manager.

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